Wednesday Oct 20, 2021
While much of the focus has been on the challenges shippers and carriers face getting imports offloaded at their destination ports and delivered, there are also growing backlogs at Chinese factories and ports.
With the increasing focus on the welfare and mental health issuers for the world’s two million seafarers along with the increasingly difficult work environments, a new initiative is launching to provide a uniform code of conduct and assessment tool for ship owners, operators, and charters.
Russia recently launched its first ship equipped with unmanned navigation capabilities.
The Port of Rotterdam has worked with Royal HaskoningDHV to implement a Smart Mooring solution at the port.
As supply chain disruption continues consultants Drewry are now forecasting container shipping lines will make an “eye-watering” profit $150bn in 2021, with more to come in 2022.
Deputy of Maritime Affairs of PMO: "Despite sanctions, PMO has offered sustainable ports and maritime transport services with no interruption in the entry and exit of ships and crew change in the country's ports.
more than 8,000 tons of basic commodities has been transported to the destinations in the country from Chabahar port
OSV operator P&O Maritime Logistics is taking a personnel-monitoring technology developed for truckers and heavy equipment operators to the sea.
The Port of Antwerp has partnered with Aerospace company Sabca to conduct field trials of a fixed-wing drone fitted with cameras to assess the technology’s potential in providing real-time on-site security imaging.
PMO’s Managing director: currently, the capacity of the country's commercial ports is 260 million tons. by lifting the oppressive maritime sanctions and increasing the country's economic and trade relations, we can use the potential capacity of ports and commercial shipping.
Managing Director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line Group: The shipping transport operation of the Islamic Republic of Iran has increased by 43% compared to last year.
a Swedish propeller manufacturer, Berg Propulsion, says that it is achieving strong results through the redesign of propulsion on existing ships.
The challenges facing seafarers that have dominated the headlines for the past 18 months are continuing to stabilize and show slight signs of improvement according to the latest monthly update on the Neptune Declaration Crew Change Indicator.
Director General of Ports and Maritime of Hormozgan: During the first six months of this year (Iranian year), 1,556,063 tons of basic commodities were unloaded in Shahid Rajaei port, which has increased by 44% compared to the same period last year.
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is calling on the shipping industry to prioritize the welfare of seafarers, who are at the core of the industry's future.
The first major international project financing in the Iraqi ports sector is underway.
commissioners from the European Union publicly stated that they recognize the importance of LNG in helping the shipping industry achieve Europe’s goals for decarbonization.
The Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium 2021 conference brought together the largest public and private entities in maritime autonomy.
Director General of seafarers Affairs, specialized and international organizations of PMO: The World Maritime Day Ceremony, highlighting "Seafarers: At the core of shipping’s future" will be hosted by the Ports and maritime Organization in Tehran in accordance with full observance of health protocols.
More than 150 leading companies and organizations including oil majors and port authorities on Wednesday called for the global shipping industry to be fully decarbonized by 2050
Director General of Ports and Maritime of Hormozgan: 18% increase in the export of containerized goods has been recorded in Shahid Rajaei Port since the beginning of this year (Iranian year). During this period, 222,753 TEU have been exported from this port to destination countries.
Director General of Ports and Maritime of Mazandaran: Unloading and loading operations of all types of goods in Nowshahr and Fereydunkenar ports has increased by 16% this year (Iranian Calendar)
The government of Thailand confirmed that it plans to move forward with efforts to re-establish a national shipping company to help grow the struggling country’s economy.
For almost three months now, the spot freight rate for containerized goods shipped by sea from North Europe to the U.S. East Coast has been 210% higher than last year
Classification society Bureau Veritas said it has issued novel design approval for what will be the world’s largest very large gas carriers (VLGC).
The median time spent by container vessels in port began to grow sharply in the second half of 2020, continuing into the first half of 2021.
Iran's Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization was elected by a decisive majority of IMO member countries for the third consecutive year as Vice-Chairman of the Technical Cooperation Committee for the year 2022.
The head of the Department of Basic commodities and Bulk of Imam Khomeini Port Complex: During the first half of this year (Iranian Calendar), 8 million 400 thousand tons of basic commodities entered the port of Imam Khomeini transported by 150 ocean-going ships.
Director General of Ports and Maritime of Khuzestan: the current storage capacity for basic commodities in Imam Khomeini Port is 3 million and 800 thousand tons. of which 3.4 million tons are allocated to grains and 400,000 tons to edible oils.
Steve Esau, general manager, SEA-LNG explains why fuel assessments can be distorted if energy density is overlooked
In the middle of this summer’s shocking fires and floods came the grimmest climate science report yet from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, warning of a “code red for humanity” as our use of fossil fuels continues to drive up global temperatures.
Representatives of global cargo handling operators, International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA), have partnered with International Vessel Operators Dangerous Goods Association (IVODGA) to implement new safety procedures on global supply chains.
The director general of port affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization: in the first 5 months of the year (Iranian Calendar), more than 10 million tons of basic commodities have been imported through the country’s ports
For the second consecutive year, unloading and loading operations of containers in the first 5 months of the year (Iranian calendar) increased by more than 12% to 62,690 TEU.
During the process of output of basic goods from Imam Khomeini Port Complex, along with loading up to 2877 trucks a day, 72000 tons of basic cargoes were sent to the consumption destinations and Achieved Considerable Record of Loading and Discharging Operations of this type of goods.
IT and software upgrades must be considered alongside infrastructure projects, like replacing diesel equipment or implementing onshore power, in the battle to reduce CO2 emissions.
More than 20 international ports and terminals on the Caspian Sea coast with an operating capacity of about 140 million tons offer a huge capacity for the development of maritime trade relations in the region.
Construction of breakwaters within the framework of Kangan port development plan and construction of a 200-meter long berth for the commercial port of Deir is being implemented by Bushehr Ports and Maritime Administration.
Transit of goods from Bandar Amirabad to the of the Caspian Sea littoral states has increased by 188% since the beginning of this year (Iranian calendar)
Director General of Ports and Maritime of Sistan and Baluchestan: in Chabahar port in average, 580 trucks a day, transport basic commodities directly from ships to the destinations in the country.
The Commerical Port of Vladivostok (CPV) could become a major transshipment hub with the help of a new initiative.
Director General of Ports and Maritime of Sistan and Baluchestan: in Chabahar port in average, 580 trucks a day, transport basic commodities directly from ships to the destinations in the country.
The second system for monitoring the traffic of vessels and merchant ships to help navigate vessels and ships was launched in Amirabad port.
Upon relying on the ability and expertise of local personnel of this port it was possible to load and unload of cargo containing Petro Chemical Products through Mechanized Bucket aiming to improve indices of shipping conditions, loading and upgrading speed of discharging of goods in Imam Khomeini Port Complex.
The first LNG dual-fuel VLCC completed construction and has begun sea trials before its entry into service.
Manoeuvring very large ships to port is now safer and more efficient thanks to new technology.
Since 2018, 1409 licenses have been issued for the construction of vessels, including boats, ferries and vessels under 3,000 GT, of which 720 have been completed and registered.
The Director General of Port Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization reported a 14% increase in the volume of unloading and loading operations in the country's ports during the first five months (of Iranian calendar) compared to the same period last year
Digitalisation has intensified port industry focus on cyber security – but it is human staff members who remain “the pivotal element” in a port’s cyber-defence strategy.
Deputy Chairman of the Transportation and Logistics Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture: Connection of ports to regional and international corridors increases the transit operations and exports of goods.