Saturday May 30, 2020
Singapore’s Eastern Pacific Shipping has ordered three dual-fuelled LPG carriers that will go on a long-term charter to Norwegian energy giant Eqiunor.
An important international treaty which helps prevent the spread of potentially invasive aquatic species by ships now covers more than 90% of shipping worldwide, following China’s extension of the treaty to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
A key IMO initiative supporting ship decarbonization – the Global Industry Alliance (GIA) to Support Low Carbon Shipping – will intensify its work on the ship-port interface to reduce emissions from ships. This is one of the outcomes of a GIA task force meeting, which took place over videoconference on 14-15 May.
Head of Port Affairs Department of Bushehr Ports and Maritime Administration reported on an increase in the pace of unloading of staples and the need to implement health in port operations
Secretary of the Iranian seafarers syndicate: safe sailing is the right of all seafarers around the world. Protesting correspondence has been made through this association to the International Maritime Organization and the International Transport Federation
Director General of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Sistan and Baluchestan : The record for the daily departure of 800 trucks from Shahid Beheshti port of Chabahar was set this year.
Iran’s Cabinet of Ministers decided to postpone the 14th International Conference on Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures (ICOPMAS) for two years because of the outbreak of COVID-19.
Ports and Maritime Organization resumed construction of port projects, which were ceased due to the outbreak of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, in the country.
The successful trial runs of a new automated driverless container truck operating on a 5G platform illustrated yet again the opportunities for port automation.
The port of Antwerp has established a consortium dedicated to the sustainable production of methanol, an essential raw material used by industry in the port.
While operations are continuing in Brazil’s busy seaport of Santos, local officials are working hard to control the spread of the coronavirus as the country battles the disease.
The Deputy of Ports and Economic Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province said: "an investment contract for the construction of a 30,000-ton silo worth 410 billion Rials was concluded and announced to the private sector."
Referring to the conclusion and announcement of the contract for the long-term transfer of Anzali Port Terminal, the Director General of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province said: "With the plans made, we will witness the growth of Anzali Port Complex."
The first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering operation recently took place in France at the Port of Marseille Fos.
Hamburg, Germany’s largest port, reported that despite remaining fully-operational during the first quarter its cargo volumes declined nearly eight percent to just under 32 million tons.
German shipping major Hapag-Lloyd felt a negative impact of higher bunker prices in the first quarter of this year as it reported lower earnings.
PMO Managing Director: The damage to the Iranian cargo ship in the Singapore Strait was due to grounding, and the necessary measures have been taken to investigate the accident
Iran’s import of basic commodities in the current Iranian year via Chabahar Port has risen by more than 15 times compared to the same period last year
Emphasizing the need to use the capacities of the northern ports in the field of exports, the member of the Board of Directors and Deputy for Port and Economic Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization said: "exporting goods has many effects on the maritime economy."
The successful trial runs of a new automated driverless container truck operating on a 5G platform illustrated yet again the opportunities for port automation.
For the first time since 2013, a ro-ro vessel is scheduled to call at Port of Newcastle with a commercial cargo.
Sinopec, China's leading energy and chemical company, has put China's largest petrochemical port into operation with the successful docking and unloading of the VLCC New Renown from the Middle East.
The Director General of the Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province announced an 11% increase in the export of non-oil goods in the ports of Guilan province in 1398 and announced: "increasing and accelerating the process of loading and unloading and export of basic goods in 1399 is on the agenda of the ports of this province."
Director General of Seafarers Affairs, Specialized and International Organizations of the Ports and Maritime Organization: Following the Coronavirus Epidemic, appropriate measures and strategies have been devised to continue maritime training courses and to renew the seafarer certificate of competency.
The Director General of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province announced a 5% growth of exports in the ports of Guilan Province and said: "We have the ability to berth all vessels carrying Caspian Sea goods in the ports of Guilan Province."
The coronavirus pandemic led to highly exceptional conditions in the first quarter of 2020, with severe worldwide disruption of production processes and logistical chains
The need for crew changeovers to take place is of the utmost urgency, IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim and shipping industry representatives agreed, during a virtual IMO-industry meeting hosted by IMO
The rapid pace of technological innovation has had a growing impact on the shipping industry. But as owners and fleet managers face increasing pressure to improve environmental performance, new technologies will be necessary to ensure a profitable and sustainable future.
Mohammad Rastad, Deputy Minister of Roads and Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Ports Organization, appointed Mohammad Ali Asl Saeedipour as the Director of the Special Economic Zone of Amirabad Port.
A 30,000-ton silo investment contract worth 410 billion rials was signed with the private sector, said the Deputy of Port and Economic Affairs of Gilan General Administration of Ports and Maritime Affairs.
Mohammad Rastad: With the joint efforts of the Islamic Republic Railways in the ports, the share of rail transport in the country's ports, especially in the ports of Shahid Rajaei and Imam Khomeini, has increased.
German container shipping company Hapag-Lloyd has obtained 9 percent in energy savings in the form of fuel by preventing fouling on the hulls of its ships.
German engine builder MAN Energy Solutions has partnered up with Japanese shipbuilder Imabari Shipbuilding, ClassNK classification society, Mitsui E&S Machinery, and energy trading firm of Itochu Corporation, Itochu Enex, on the development of a vessel powered by ammonia.
South Korea has started building a small liquefied natural gas bunkering vessel as part of a project backed by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.
When ships enter and leave ports, vital information about cargoes, dangerous goods, crews, vessel details and many other things has to be exchanged with the authorities ashore. Under IMO's FAL Convention, public authorities are now required to set up systems so that all this happens digitally.
The challenges faced by seafarers during the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to keep on track with IMO’s work to combat climate change were two key issues highlighted during a virtual meeting organized by IMO, to brief permanent representatives and liaison officers from 78 IMO Member States and one Associate Member.
Director General of Khuzestan Ports and Maritime: the amount of staples throughput in the port of Imam Khomeini has grown by 45% compared to the same period last year.
While travel is seriously curtailed during the COVID-19 pandemic, eager students and academic institutions are finding new ways to ensure learning continues
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have formally signed an agreement to move forward and jointly implement the GloLitter Partnerships ProjectPartnerships are essential in tackling the global issue of marine plastic litter.
PMO Managing Director: Completion of two projects of the third phase of the container terminal of Shahid Rajaei port are the two main goals of Shahid Rajaei port development plan in this year
Deputy of Ports and economic affairs of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Sistan and Baluchestan: in the first half of this year, five private investment agreements will be signed in Chabahar port.
German container shipping major Hapag-Lloyd has cut its CO2 emissions per TEU kilometre by 50 percent when compared to the reference year of 2008, the company said.
Ports are taking significant strides with digital transformation and starting to declare themselves as “smart”. Processes are digitalized, communities within the port are connected, and impressive gains in operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction are emerging.
Managing Director of PMO: Immediate compensation for the suspension of port projects in the country due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus is on the agenda.
Stena Bulk’s MR tanker Stena immortal has concluded the biofuel trial launched in March in cooperation with the Dutch biofuel supplier GoodFuels.
Director General of Ports and Maritime of Hormozgan: Hydrography operation has been performed in commercial ports of Hormozgan Province and oil port of the Persian Gulf.
"Undoubtedly, the important and influential role of port workers on ports, port facilities and service vessels, as well as the ones working on the Islamic Republic's maritime fleet, in promoting the country's maritime transport industry is irreplaceable and undeniable."

- Mohammad Rastad, Managing Director of PMO
Ports around the world are joining today an initiative encouraging ships to sound their horns for 15 seconds at noon as a special tribute to the contributions of seafarers in keeping supply chains robust and maritime trade going amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Japanese technology firm Eco Marine Power has launched a feasibility study into the installation of its zero-emission power and propulsion system onto an LR2 tanker.
Six pirates have been arrested for attempting to board an LPG tanker identified as Epic Bermuda while off Takoradi port in Ghana.