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Iran; A leading country in the field of hydrography in the region

Iran; A leading country in the field of hydrography in the region
With the formation of the National Hydrographic Committee in 2005, 277,000 copies of EMCs have been produced and sold by Iran, which is an extremely important international achievement. Said Mohammad Rastad, Managing Director of PMO

PMO News Portal - Referring to the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran has become an influential country in the production of electronic map cells, Mohammad Rastad announced the growth and of Iranian hydrographic companies over the past decade.

The chairman of the National Hydrographic Committee mentioned the growth of equipment and human resources of hydrographic companies and added: "We are now in a position where all the ports in the country are covered by hydrography."

He continued: Due to the progress of the country in the field of hydrography, we are experiencing higher quality of dredging operations in the northern and southern ports of Iran.

Head of Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) said all major foreign shipping companies are passing through Iran's waters on their normal basis and Iranian ports are also operating as before. Mohammad Rastad made the remarks on the sidelines of a ceremony on the occasion of World Hydrography Day in Tehran.

Emphasizing the fact that all the country’s ports in the Persian Gulf region are operating at their full potential, the official noted that the country’s non-oil imports have witnessed an over 15 percent growth this year.

“In terms of weight, non-oil exports are about two times more that imports, and since the beginning of the year, we have exported 13 million tons of non-oil commodities to foreign destinations,” he added.

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