Tuesday Jun 2, 2020


Exports of goods from the ports of Abadan Amplified

Exports of goods from the ports of Abadan Amplified
“Exports of goods from the three ports of Abadan increased by 107%.” Said Abadan Ports and Maritime Manager.

PMO News Portal - Reza Safari, Abadan Ports and Maritime Manager said: According to the statistic system of the Ports and Maritime Organization, during the first three months of this year, exports of goods from Abadan ports has increased by 107%.

Exports of goods in the first three months of the year increased 19,130 tons compared to the same period last year. Animal products and livestock, household appliances and light products, construction materials, wood and board, metals, meat and meat products, textiles and fibers are the major export commodities of these ports. Destinations of the exported goods are the Gulf states, including Kuwait and Iraq.

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