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Development of Marine Tourism in Bushehr

Development of Marine Tourism in Bushehr
“Developing and promoting the marine tourism industry is one of the priorities of the ports and maritime of Bushehr.” Said the Director General of Ports and Maritime of Bushehr.

PMO News Portal - Siavash Arjmandzadeh, on the Development of Marine Tourism in Bushehr port, said: Maritime transportation has long been regarded as one of the most common passenger transportation systems, and today the maritime tourism industry has a special status at the international level.

He continued: In order to implement the policies of the Ports and Maritime Organization in the field of marine tourism, Bushehr has stepped forward to attract and allocate the necessary credits to create the needed infrastructure and the possibility of private sector investment in collaboration with other relevant institutions by conducting studies on this subject.

Among the measures taken in this category are the improvement and restoration of the passenger terminal of the port of Bushehr, the development of passenger lines, as well as the improvement of the quality level of service providers' floats.

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