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IMO Secretary-General: Empowering women in maritime isn't just an idea or a concept

IMO Secretary-General: Empowering women in maritime isn't just an idea or a concept

Empowering women isn't just an idea or a concept. It is a necessity that requires strong, positive action to address deep-seated structural, institutional and cultural barriers. Shipping has always been a male-dominated industry and the same applies to many of the associated jobs and professions in the maritime community.

But that is changing; and there are many reasons why.

Gender equality has been recognized as one of the key platforms on which people can build a sustainable future. It is one of the 17 goals that underpin the UN's Sustainable Development Agenda, which countries all over the world have pledged to implement. The maritime community itself is missing out on a huge talent pool if it fails to properly empower women in the workplace. Gender-diverse teams are more productive than male dominated teams and gender-diverse workplaces promote better job satisfaction, employee engagement and retention. Having more women in the workplace is beneficial for organizations as a whole, for men and for women.

And it's not just about numbers. Research has shown that companies with a higher percentage of women in senior management positions significantly outperform those that do not. IMO has been running a highly successful campaign to promote women in the maritime community for more than 30 years. Of course, much more work remains, and it needs the whole of the maritime community, including IMO's Member States and the maritime industries, to come together and commit to ensuring that women truly are empowered.

There are already some great stories out there and this year we want to highlight as many as we can; and we want you to tell your stories, too. So let us make 2019 a year of action; a year to break down all barriers; empowering women in the maritime community.

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