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PMO’s major step toward Domestic Maritime Industry Support

PMO’s major step toward Domestic Maritime Industry Support
We must realize the motto of “Iranian fleet, Iranian Seafarers” by utilizing our maritime capabilities, said the minister of road and urban development.

PMO News Portal - at the International Maritime and seafarers Day ceremony, which was attended by senior executives of the country’s maritime sector, Mohammad Eslami congratulated all the people active in maritime body and said: We are proud of all Iranian seafarers around the world and consider honoring the pioneers and utilizing their experience and attending the current capabilities required for marine development.

“We must move towards realizing the motto “Iranian fleet, Iranian Seafarers” and know that in addition to the maritime field, we have appropriate capacities in other modes of transport.This will increase employment and increase domestic market share, so we should not lose the country's elite and give away the market share to rivals and enemies," he said with emphasize on the need to believe in domestic abilities of the capabilities.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development expressed that recreational ports could well promote tourism in the maritime sector and by connecting to open seas and creating a variety of commercial, fishing and small ports, We can create many job opportunities.

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