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Iran, Turkmenistan; to establish a Joint Shipping Line

Iran, Turkmenistan; to establish a Joint Shipping Line
Agreements have been reached to establish a joint shipping line between Iran and Turkmenistan, said the minister of road and urban development.

PMO News Portal – Regarding the Iranian delegation's visit to Turkmenistan, Mohammad Eslami stated that expanding trade and economic cooperation was the most important issue that all the countries participating in the Turkmenistan Summit emphasized and The main goal was to develop relations in the fields of rail, sea, road and air transport.

He added: the most important discussions in the negotiations with Turkmenistan were the development of maritime communications between ports, the establishment of a joint shipping line, the completion of the north-south corridor and the removal of existing obstacles.

Last week, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, along with a delegation of deputies and managers, visited Turkmenistan to attend a joint meeting of the Caspian Sea littoral states transport ministers to develop cooperation at  the Caspian Economic Forum Summit.

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