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Compliance with the 2020 ‘Global Sulphur Cap’ for Iranian Fleet

Compliance with the 2020 ‘Global Sulphur Cap’ for Iranian Fleet
According to notices given by international organizations to Iran by January 1st, all Iranian vessels must use low-sulfur fuel, otherwise they may face many consequences, said the Deputy Director of Maritime Affairs of PMO.

PMO News Portal - Jalil Eslami stated that as a sovereign body, we are obliged to declare the necessities of using low sulfur fuel and international issues, and in this regard all the necessary actions have been taken. Therefore, within the timeframe notified to all Iranian vessels, they should use low Sulphur fuel by January 1, 2020.

Numerous meetings have been held between the Ports and Maritime Organization, consumers, shipping companies, owners of Iranian vessels, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, the Ministry of Petroleum and other sectors that could help meet the criteria in this regard.

What is important is that all the relevant issues have been identified and all the necessary information has been communicated to the relevant authorities, in particular the Ministry of Petroleum, as a producer and supplier of fuel.

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has ruled that from 1 January 2020, marine sector emissions in international waters be slashed. The marine sector will have to reduce sulphur emissions by over 80% by switching to lower sulphur fuels. The current maximum fuel oil sulphur limit of 3.5 weight percent will fall to 0.5 IMO 2020 regulations will see the largest reduction in the sulphur content of a transportation fuel undertaken at one time.

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