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Implementation of 4 development plans in Khorramshahr port

Implementation of 4 development plans in Khorramshahr port
4 major development plans was put into operation in Khorramshahr Port with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development.

PMO News Portal - Four major projects were launched in Khorramshahr Port, Iran's largest free trade port, with the participation of Mohammad Rastad, Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization, Managing Director of the I.R.I.  Shipping Company and Director General of Khorramshahr Ports and Maritime.

Accordingly, the projects to be implemented in Khorramshahr Port by the Khorramshahr Ports and Maritime Administration on the occasion of Holy Defense Week include the exploitation of a container terminal ramp, 4 post-docks overhaul project, overhaul of hinterlands for docks 2 to 7 and the construction and installation of the 8 tourist berth posts in Karoon.

In the implementation of the construction and installation of 8 tourism berth posts at Karoon, carried out by the Khoramshahr Ports and Maritime Administration, the initial budget of the project is estimated to be 100 billion Rials aimed at promoting maritime tourism in Khorramshahr, promoting maritime culture, sustainable economic prosperity and taking advantage of the Arvand Free Zone.

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