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Ocean Cleanup Tweaks, Redeploys Plastics Collecting System

Ocean Cleanup Tweaks, Redeploys Plastics Collecting System
The Ocean Cleanup has completed another test campaign in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, proving that its latest design solved a major issue.

“After a 6-week testing campaign, our main technical challenge is solved by modifying the system to move at a consistent speed through the plastic,” the company said.

Namely, a consistent speed through the plastic has been achieved using the parachute anchor configuration.

However, The Ocean Cleanup added that the technology is not proven yet, as overtopping needs to be addressed before the plastic is effectively retained in the System 001/B.

The company has now upgraded the system’s screen, increasing it from the previous 4 inches above the water to be almost 20 inches above the water, using three rows of floats stacked on top of each other.

On August 18, The Ocean Cleanup’s CEO, Boyan Slat, said that the upgraded screen with supersized cork line was on its way to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

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