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Inauguration of Bushehr-Doha first freight-passenger shipping line

Inauguration of Bushehr-Doha first freight-passenger shipping line
By the completion of Doha passenger terminal repairs the shipping line is expected to be operationalized by the end of October this year, Said the Director General of Bushehr Maritime.

PMO News Portal - Commenting on the latest status of inauguration of the first Bushehr-Doha shipping line, Siavash Arjmandzadeh stated that two round trips a week is expected on this shipping line between Bushehr and Doha. The ships will offer services to both passengers and cargoes. The ship can accommodate up to 1300 passengers. Moreover 700 automobiles could also be transported and there is capacity for export of refrigerated goods in this ship.

Regarding the ticket price of Bushehr-Doha Shipping Line, Arjomandzadeh stated that the ticket price depends on the number of weekly trips and subsidized fuel allocation. The exact figure has not been determined yet.

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