Tuesday Jun 2, 2020


44% Growth in Cargo Distribution through Imam Khomeini Port

44% Growth in Cargo Distribution through Imam Khomeini Port
Khuzestan Province Director General of Ports and Maritime: loading of all type of staples from the warehouses of Imam Khomeini Port Complex has grown 44%, reached more than one million and 400 thousand tons.

PMO News Portal - Regarding the transit of staples from Imam Port Complex, Adel Deris stated that In order to speed up the process of distributing of staples needed by the country and help regulate the market for high-consumption items during the holy month of Ramadan, 1,423,405 tons of staples have been loaded and distributed through rail and road fleets to all parts of the country.

Since the beginning of Iranian New Year, 30 ships carrying basic goods have docked in the port of Imam Khomeini and more than 1,749,000 tons of various goods, including various types of livestock inputs, have been unloaded.

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