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Hydrography Operation Performs in Hormozgan Commercial Ports

Hydrography Operation Performs in Hormozgan Commercial Ports
Director General of Ports and Maritime of Hormozgan: Hydrography operation has been performed in commercial ports of Hormozgan Province and oil port of the Persian Gulf.

PMO News Portal - Referring to the goal set in the implementation of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan, Allah Morad Afifipoor stated that protection of coastal and marine ecological resources and ensuring the sustainability of these resources in the future, prevention of environmental pollution on the coast, protection of Public health of local communities and coastal facilities in the face of environmental hazards, as well as creating the conditions for economic prosperity and sustainable development in coastal areas, are the most important components in the implementation process of this project.

He also mentioned the extention of 20 licenses for construction and operation of coastal and marine structures and facilities in Hormozgan, performing hydrographic operations of Hormozgan commercial ports and Persian Gulf oil port, establishment of eight benchmark stations in Shahid Rajaei port complex and also setting up study and monitoring station, as the most important measures taken in this field.

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