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5 private sector investment contracts to be inked in Chabahar port

5 private sector investment contracts to be inked in Chabahar port
Deputy of Ports and economic affairs of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Sistan and Baluchestan: in the first half of this year, five private investment agreements will be signed in Chabahar port.

PMO News Portal - In regard to attract private sector investors to develop Chabahar port, Hossein Shahdadi stated that with special discounts and incentives provided by the Ports and Maritime Organization for Chabahar Port, we were able to conclude 7 investment contracts last year, which represents a 20% growth trend in attracting investment.

These contracts are worth more than 4080 billion rial and are dedicated to the construction of oil, gas, bitumen tankers and construction of multi-purpose warehouses for storing goods and creating a site for washing and disinfecting trucks.

He concluded: Five investment contracts with the private sector are under consideration and they are expected to be concluded in the first half of this year. The approximate value of the contracts is 2,500 billion rial and in the field of construction of oil products tanks and multi-purpose warehouses.

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