Tuesday Jun 2, 2020


All Maritime Training Courses to be offered Online

All Maritime Training Courses to be offered Online
Director General of Seafarers Affairs, Specialized and International Organizations of the Ports and Maritime Organization: Following the Coronavirus Epidemic, appropriate measures and strategies have been devised to continue maritime training courses and to renew the seafarer certificate of competency.

PMO News Portal - Regarding the holding of maritime training courses obline and the renewal of seafarers’ certificate of competency during the Corona outbreak, Ali Akbar Marzban stated that the appropriate approach to hold online maritime training courses has been stablished and communicated to educational centers all over the country, so the theoretical part of all courses has been launched using virtual training software.

Marzban noted that the practical and workshop section of the courses will be held in accordance with the protocols of keeping social distance and added: along with other IMO member states, as well as the organization's recommendations on global pandemic conditions, seafarers’ certificate of competency, which have been expired, will be renewed without passing any training course or referring to the Maritime Affairs Departments in Tehran or ports for 6 months.

May 13, 2020 11:06
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